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Raimo Immonen

Senior advisor, 
Professor, Doctor of Laws, LL. M. Raimo_Immonen-10.jpg


Phone: +358 10 320 8444


Sirkku Hakoila

Attorneys at Law Lukander Ruohola HTO Ltd has invited Professor Raimo Immonen as senior advisor. Doctor of Laws, Master of Laws (trained on the bench) Raimo Immonen works as professor of commercial law at the School of Economics at the University of Turku. In addition to the career at the university he also has an extensive experience in advocacy. Mr Immonen is also a member of the Board of Adjustment of Taxation in the Group Tax Office, the Audit Board of the Finnish State and The Expert Group of Business Taxation as well as the chairman of the Law Committee of the Chamber of Commerce in Turku. Mr Immonen is a leading specialist in the tax and legal management in M & A’s in Finland. He has written several study and handbooks on the subject.