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Specialist Counsel

Phone: +358 10 320 8440

Niklas Virtanen

Practice Areas
Environment, Energy, Emmissions Trading, ICT

Finnish, English, Swedish

Special Expertice
Timo Lankinen started as a Specialist Counsel at Attorneys at Law Lukander Ruohola HTO in March 2019. Timo’s main area of expertice is the new innovative environmental services.

Lankinen has a long experience in energy, emmissions trading and environmental law in business and governmental administration. In addition he has been working as a legal counsel at international ICT and banking sectors. Timo has a strong experience in European Commission’s law drafting procedures where he has been working as a national legal expert in several sectors of EU regulation.

Timo’s special expertice includes energy, emmissions trading, environmental licensing and permits, environmental responsibilities, land use and construction, REACH and waste law.

Lankinen is an experienced lecturer at international level in high profile events. He is available as an lecturer in the areas of his Special Expertice.


Finnish, English, Swedish

LL. M., University of Helsinki, 1995