Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Over the past few decades, through recessionary times and particularly due to the recent financial crisis, our practice has gained considerable experience in these two areas, alongside voluntary debt restructuring, re-financing and related acquisition. This is especially so since the implementation of the currently applicable Restructuring of Enterprises Act 1993, which, inter alia, devolves responsibility to an administrator with the requisite skills, ability and experience.

Several of our attorneys have been appointed by court to conduct, for example, estate administration. Consequently, even the most complex and challenging cases have been within the remit of our law firm.

Our client services have been further extended to include insolvency and bankruptcy matters for companies carrying on international business as well as cases when our client’s own client is insolvent.

We are particularly pleased to report that due to our competent and responsible operations, insurance companies, financial institutions and the tax authorities consider us to be a reliable partner, and our practice maintains a wide cooperation network to assist in both liquidation and related audit matters.

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