Capital Investment and Financing

We serve capital investors and other financiers as well as finance-raising companies in domestic and international debt and equity financing arrangements. Our customers also include banks, insurance companies and companies that provide factoring, leasing, co-payment, and consumer financing.

Our attorneys assist both investors and target companies with demanding financing arrangements, real estate financing and other financing-related matters. We successfully manage financial and ownership restructurings, seed and growth financing arrangements for venture capitalists, as well as exit arrangements. We also perform legal due diligence audits as preparatory measures for acquisitions or financing arrangements.

We handle assignments related to the establishment and structuring, management, regulation, and supervision of private equity funds, as well as the implementation and syndication of investments. Our attorneys have also assisted several of our clients in listing and in drafting prospectuses in accordance with the Securities Markets Act.

Furthermore, we serve companies that are the target of private equity or other financing. Our experienced attorneys advise growth companies on organising funding rounds or crowdfunding. We are happy to be involved in mapping out financing options and act as a strategic partner from the early stage when the need for funding arises.

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