Company Law

Our clients’ needs in the field of company law vary significantly depending, for example, on the development phase and financing requirements of the company. We cover a wide range of services from establishing a company and acquiring new shareholders all the way to supporting the decision making of listed companies and conducting shareholders’ meetings. 

In order to provide the best services for our clients, it is essential to know our clients’ businesses and operation procedures. This has allowed us to assist our corporate clients’ management and owners in all company law related matters on a long-term cooperation basis.

Risk management and corporate governance are an essential part of our service portfolio. Assessment of liabilities and opportunities from a legal perspective is an ever-growing service sector for our attorneys.  We endeavour to anticipate our clients’ potential risks and provide guidelines for executing responsible and transparent administration procedures. Typically, our attorneys participate in preparation of the decisions of shareholders and board meetings as well as act as secretaries to the board.

Our clients’ businesses develop constantly. This requires active insight from our attorneys, for example, into the execution and suitability of the planned development arrangements. We assist our clients in the implementation of different financial arrangements, employee engagement and reward practices, enhancement of corporate practices, practices related to division of funds as well as various corporate transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions.

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