On a daily basis, we assist our medium-sized and large client companies in domestic and international contract matters, from machine shop entrepreneurs and transportation companies to software houses, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. We serve clients who do not have their own lawyer but also work in partnership with the companies’ own in-house legal teams. In our practice, we always take into account the specifics of the customer’s industry, including data protection issues.

The core competence of our office is drafting and commenting on various contracts as well as assisting in contract negotiations or potential contractual problems. Our knowledgeable lawyers provide cost-effective service in all contractual matters relating to private and corporate activities. We are also pleased to comprehensively develop our customers’ contracting activities as part of risk management.

Whether it is a one-off project, a longer-term business relationship, or a simple acceptance of an offer or order, the purpose of a business contract is to define the rules of the game and the common will of the parties. Good contract practice, i.e. contract strategy, is a key part of a company’s risk management.

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