Intellectual Property Rights

Domains, trademarks and copyrights are an integral part of everyday business. Leveraging and protecting your company’s brand and know-how from third parties is essential to the company’s competitiveness.

We provide comprehensive and knowledgeable services in all aspects of intellectual property. Our experienced lawyers assist our clients in creating their company’s own IPR strategy. We take care of the registration of different intellectual property rights such as trademarks and design rights. In protecting technological inventions through patents, we advise our customers both domestically and internationally in conjunction with the patent agents of our co-operation network, in particular, with regard to the commercial exploitation of innovations. Protecting trade secrets and know-how is also central to our expertise.

When the need arises to address infringements or defend against potential infringement claims, our lawyers assist our clients with the certainty and insight brought by long experience. Mediation and/or arbitration through domestic courts is also provided in the event of an IPR related dispute.

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Mikko Jalkanen

Managing Partner