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All our attorneys and lawyers are at your disposal in a variety of legal issues.

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Family and Inheritance Law
Our lawyers draft wills and testaments and prenuptial agreements. We also make estate inventories and assist with distribution of matrimonial assets and distribution of inheritance. With the help of well-drafted family and inheritance related legal documents, it is possible to prepare for future situations and even prevent possible disputes. With a prenuptial agreement, you can safeguard your own property in the event of a divorce. A will, on the other hand, is a good way to safeguard the economic security of your children and, if necessary, your spouse as well. With the help of well-planned gifts, it is possible to transfer property to heirs already during a person’s lifetime. Furthermore, executing an enduring power of attorney allows you to prepare for the situation where you are no longer capable of making decisions yourself and therefore authorise a close and trustworthy person to make such decisions for you.

However, if disputes arise, our lawyers have extensive experience in disputed distribution of matrimonial assets or distribution of inheritance. Our law firm can assist you in such cases, and we also take tasks from the court to act as an administrator or executor of an estate.

Contract Drafting
It is often wise to let a lawyer draft a contract and thereby prepare in advance for the possible risks that various changes in circumstances may pose later.

Real Estate and Housing Companies
Our attorneys have considerable experience in dealing with problems related to real estate and housing companies as well as in resolving legal questions connected to construction and land use planning, both before and during possible legal proceedings.

Claims for Damages
Our lawyers are also at your disposal if you need to, for example, claim damages, which often requires legal expertise.

Labour Law
In employment related matters, we provide services either to the employer or to the employee, whether in terms of drafting an employment contract, terminating an employment relationship or dealing with accidents at work. Assistance in matters related to safety at work is also part of our area of expertise.

Criminal Law
We are prepared to assist you in specific criminal cases as well. Our lawyers have extensive experience, for example, in cases concerning white-collar crimes and assist both the defendant and the injured party.

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