We always keep the names of our clients and other information about our assignments strictly confidential, but we have obtained express consent of the companies mentioned here to disclose this information.


Olderman Oy

We advised Olderman Oy in the acquisition of the iconic Nuutajärvi Glass Village.



We advised Kuntec Oy, a company owned by the City of Turku, in the divestment of Flör Gardens.


NetNordic Group AS

We had the pleasure to assist NetNordic Group AS in the acquisition of Fiarone Oy. NetNordic is the Nordic system integrator specializing in services and solutions for mission critical infrastructure. The majority shareholder is Norvestor.–vassar-med-sakerhetstjanster



Counsel to the shareholders of Salivirta Oy when Nordic Healthcare Group (NHG) acquired the company, a well-known advisory organisation specialising in digital transformation in the health and social care sector.


Ovaro Kiinteistösijoitus Plc and Investors House Plc

We advised sellers in a portfolio deal of approximately 500 apartments in which among others Ovaro Kiinteistösijoitus Plc and Investors House Plc sold apartments to an international real estate investor. The debt-free transaction price of the deal was EUR 15.5 million for the items sold by Investors House and EUR 26.1 million for the items sold by Ovaro Kiinteistösijoitus.



We advised Teijo Talot Oy in the merger with Hovako Oy. The new group focuses on modular construction, with core competencies in nursing home construction, school and kindergarten construction, and business premises and evacuation construction.


Investors House Plc and Ovaro Kiinteistösijoitus Plc

We assisted the consortium formed by Investors House Plc, Ovaro Kiinteistösijoitus Plc and Royal House Ltd in agreeing to a real estate arrangement with The Central Finland Health Care District at a total transaction price of approximately EUR 46 million. As a result of the arrangement, the territory of the old central hospital in Jyväskylä will be transferred to the consortium in stages, part of which will be leased back by the municipal group of The Central Finland Health Care District under a long lease. As a result of the development project, a new district will be created in Jyväskylä for an estimated nearly 3000 people.


Abacus Diagnostica, Kaivogen ja Labrox

Joint counsel to all parties when Abacus Diagnostica Oy, Kaivogen Oy and Labrox Oy join forces to form a new diagnostics powerhouse. The share swap transaction involves more than 400 shareholders.


ARCO Architecture Company

We have assisted Cederqvist & Jäntti Architects Ltd in a project combining our client with two other leading Finnish architecture firms to form ARCO Architecture Company. At the same time Finnish private equity firm Intera Partners Ltd will become a significant shareholder of the company. The combination creating a community of approximately 190 professionals is a significant step in the market.  As  a result ARCO Architecture  Company will be the largest architectural firm in Finland and support the development of the practice as well as the Finnish architectural know-how in general.


Järvenpään ateria- ja siivouspalvelut Jatsi Oy

We acted as the legal counsel for the City of Järvenpää and Social and Health Services of Keski-Uusimaa when all the shares of Järvenpään ateria- ja siivouspalvelut Jatsi Oy were sold to Palmia Oy.


Kasinonkulma dental clinic

We advised in the sale of Kasinonkulma dental clinic to Hammas Hohde.



Counsel to Logistikas Oy in the acquisition of Piccolo Packing Oy and Piccolo Solutions Oy. The majority owner of Logistikas is Sievi Capital Plc. Read more.


Vakka-Suomen Puhelin Oy

We acted as Vakka-Suomen Puhelin Oy’s advisor in acquisition of the business of Eurajoen Puhelin.


Bluefors Oy

We have assisted the founders of Bluefors Oy, Rob Blaauwgeers and Pieter Vorselman in forming a long-term partnership with DevCo Partners Oy, a Finnish investor and active owner taking a long-term view on partnership and providing complementary know-how to develop companies to world leading companies. The founders will continue as significant co-owners and keep their current operational roles in Bluefors Oy. Bluefors Oy is based in Helsinki and is a leading manufacturer of cryogenic measurement systems which are frequently mentioned in connection with development of quantum computers. Exports account for over 90 % of the Bluefors Oy’s revenues and the company has c. 250 employees in Finland, USA and Germany.


PHM Group

We have advised PHM Group in several acquisitions in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, the latest one being the acquisition of Ejendomsvirke A/S in Denmark. PHM Group provides property maintenance services. The group employs approximately 3,600 people and combined revenue exceeds 300 million euro. PHM belongs to the portfolio of Norvestor.


Leden Group Oy

Joint counsel to all parties on the merger of Finnish companies Ojala Group, LaserComp and Celermec, and Estonian Favor AS to form Leden Group Oy. The new full-service contract manufacturer has a turnover of over 70 million euro. The competition authorities approved the transaction without interventions.


Ikaalinen Spa

We advised a Finnish investment fund to sell the properties of Ikaalinen Spa. Ikaalinen Spa has been originally established in 1884 and will be reopened by the summer of 2021.


Mylab Oy

We assisted Mylab Oy in the acquisition of the Swedish-Danish healthcare laboratory information management system provider Autonik AB. The acquisition is the first step in Mylab’s international growth strategy outside of Finland. Mylab is aiming to become the market leader in healthcare laboratory information management systems in the Nordic region.
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Investors House Oyj

We advised Investors House Oyj, listed to Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd., in the the acquisition of Juhola Asset Management Oy. Juhola is an Asset and Property Management company serving real estate investors. Juhola also owns a subsidiary, Juhola Business Park Management. Juhola currently manage assets valued at approximately 1.5 billion euros around Finland. Following the transaction, the Services provided by Investors House and its asset management will be significantly strengthened.

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