Juha Auvinen

Senior Associate


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Kati Niemelä

Juha Auvinen’s areas of expertise include, in particular, various assignments in the field of family and inheritance law, such as division of property between spouses, estate inventories and distribution of inheritance. Juha has also given lectures and training on the topics related to these fields, especially for our clients.

With the help of his vast language skills, Juha deals with various foreign documents and also translates from English, Swedish, German and Spanish. If it is a question of German documents, Juha is entitled to act as an authorized translator after having studied German translation and interpretation at the University of Turku and thus having obtained the right of an authorised translator. That right has just been renewed for the next five years.

Juha also has experience in criminal proceedings and takes care of criminal cases, representing both plaintiffs and defendants, as the case may be. The criminal proceedings involve their own distinctive features compared to civil litigation.

Career and Professional Background
After having graduated from the university, Juha completed his judicial training at the District Court of Turku. Thereafter, for about a year, he held various positions in the District Court. Prior to joining Lukander Ruohola HTO Ltd., he undertook postgraduate studies at Stockholm University as well as completed a traineeship (stagiaire) at the EU Commission. Juha started in his current position in 2000 and has taken care of a variety of tasks since then. As Juha graduated with another degree (language studies and translation), he has been given teaching duties in the field of legal translation.

English, Swedish, German, Spanish

Memberships and Positions of Trust
Member of the Finnish Bar Association
Member of the Conciliation Board of the Finnish Athletics Federation (vice-chairman 2008–2010)