Timo Lankinen

Specialist Counsel


+358 10 320 8440 timo.lankinen@lrhto.fi


Kati Niemelä

Timo Lankinen’s special expertise includes energy and emissions trading legislation, environmental and other regulatory licenses and approvals, environmental liability issues, land use and construction legislation, and chemical and waste legislation. In addition, Timo specialises in administrative energy and environmental matters.

Timo has long worked as a state administration specialist in the preparation of energy and environmental legislation. He is one of the few national specialists in Finland in matters related to the supervision of the wholesale energy market. In particular, assignments related to REMIT regulation are one of Timo’s areas of special expertise.

Timo is an experienced trainer and a high-profile lecturer at home and abroad. He is happy to give lectures on topics related to his areas of expertise.

Timo Lankinen has extensive experience in the energy, emissions trading and environmental sectors in the service of both business and government. Timo has worked for 18 years in the central government and focused on the implementation of renewed EU legislation in Finland and Europe. In addition, he has worked as a lawyer in international positions in the ICT and banking sectors. Timo has solid experience in drafting legislation for the European Commission, where he has served as a national specialist in a number of positions.

Finnish, English